May 27

What Is A Wedding Planner And Their Benefits

Have you recently become engaged? Maybe you have already become consumed with the wedding ceremony planning details? There are countless details to iron out in preparation for your day, but thankfully you dont have to do all of the planning on your own. Think about having a professional event planner to get the stress off your shoulders and provide you the relief of knowing a skilled person is handling everything for you, right down to the smallest detail you can imagine. A good wedding consultant will be able to manage all the details for your big day should you intend to hire one.

Professional wedding planners are accountable for making sure that your wedding day turns out perfectly. They’re going to make your wedding day as memorable and seamless as possible while working within your budget. Besides the budget, locations and venues will also be booked among other details. They will also enable you to book vendors and events of your choice so that you wont have to worry about doing it all yourself. The best deals on vendors and other services can also be obtained by a reputable wedding consultant, which overall will save you time and money.

Your day will be memorable and one you won’t likely forget when your wedding consultant coordinates everything starting with a basic outline of what you desire. Starting with the theme, your coordinator goes through each detail with you right down to the dresses and decorations. They will also work closely with you to figure out the wedding venue along with the music that will be played at your wedding. They’re going to base these decisions on your input as well as any budgetary restraints you will likely have. Once you establish a budget, the planner will be able to

May 26

Cleaning It All Up

I feel so blessed being a part of my clients’ journeys as they move from struggle to ease, frustration to elation and seeing their internal wars turn into internal peace. The depth of change that take place usually happens according to the amount of emotional stretching they’re willing to do and they’re willingness to step out of their comfort zone. How fast the desired change takes place is dependent upon the above. Sometimes it’s quite slow and other times a change accelerates at such a fast speed, that it can take my breath away.

Last week I strongly encouraged a client to do something that she was dragging her feet about doing for over a month. I pushed her harder than I ever had for the simple reason that she was having consistent little breakthroughs with various relationships and I knew, in my gut, a big circumstance in her life that needed cleaning up would open the door for a huge breakthrough with a particular person in her life. It involved telling the truth to this person about something that happened over a year ago and quite honestly it was eating away at her soul slowly but surely.

As I kept encouraging her she expressed her fears and the worst possible scenario. Eventually, she came to realize that all the stories she was telling herself, about what would happen by taking the next step, came from her fears. There was absolutely no truth in anything she said, or thought, because it didn’t exist yet.

With that clarity, she went for it, and all of her worst fears never came to be – quite the contrary. Although the other person was angry at first – really angry – the longer they talked and the more my client came from a place of full responsibility,

May 25

Romantic Windmill Wedding Theme

Do you remember the childhood toy windmill which has accompanied you your whole childhood? Little windmill has carried your innocent love and pureness. This little item reminds you of your joyful and happy childhood.

Therefore, how to decorate special and memorable wedding place with windmill? How can you make a romantic wedding with windmill theme? Let’s enjoy the below windmill wedding place decoration and create the warm style you like if you also love this windmill wedding theme.

Romantic windmill, rotating love, all of these elements have created and planned a windmill wedding which is full of innocence. Every detail can show the original happiness and touch from new couple. From wedding invitation to wedding decoration, from bride wedding dress to chic style bridesmaid dress, every small detail can feel the different charm from couple.

As this little toy usually plays on childhood, windmill leaves us so many nice feelings and memories. Use windmill to design your wedding invitation. It will make fresh and pure feeling around all of the wedding guests.

Background decoration : In terms of decoration, you might as well fold colorful papers windmill and use rope to tie them together. It means to let happiness flow and rotate forever.

Direction board : use windmills to make the direction board. It can not only directing the way for guests, but only make them pleasant and joyful. What’s more, it can fit into the whole wedding windmill theme.

Wedding bouquet : Apply windmills to make bridal bouquet. It is not only fresh and elegant, but also definitely unique and creative. Windmill wedding theme will make the innocence and interest fill the whole wedding place.

Drinks : Every elaborately decorated and designed detail on wedding will make wedding guests feel the care and thoughtfulness. Stick the small windmills to the

May 24

Secret To Stable Relationships – The 5 Things Most People Take For Granted

In case there is anyone who can give people the secret to stable relationships, he or she would be rich pretty fast given the problems that people experience. However, you should not wait for some kind of magic wand to establish your relationship. There are a number of things you can do on your own in order to have a good relationship.

These things are fairly simple and there is really no secret involved. It is just that people tend to take them for granted. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Although you would think that this is obvious, you will be surprised by how neglectful people usually are. Loving your spouse is very good. However, it should not stop at that. It is equally important to show your partner that you love him or her.


There is really no reason for staying in a relationship where you do not value and respect your partner. If you think your spouse is some kind of a joke then you are headed for disaster.


As odd as it may seem, people tend to be kinder to strangers than the ones they are close to. Be kind to your spouse if you want a good relationship.


In everything that you do, your spouse should take a prominent place in your thoughts. All it takes are little gestures to show your thoughtfulness.


The phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’ has turned in a mere clich and many people take it for granted in their relationships. Be transparent and you won’t have anything to lie about.

Such simple and common sense things are actually the secrets to stable relationships. You should not find it difficult to express them. The important thing is

May 23

What To Ask When Searching For Wedding Vendors

Asking The Right Questions Will Get You All The Right Answers

In your search for wedding vendors, you’ve got a tall task. For most couples, this is their first attempt at planning a wedding and it can be overwhelming. With tons of vendors lobbying for a part of your wedding budget, you have decisions to make. Where to begin? How many vendors should you interview? What should you be looking for? Fortunately, you won’t have to do it alone. This guide, along with various online forums (if you haven’t already done so, sign up with The Knot & WeddingWire) will offer advice, suggestions and great tips to get you going. Not all advice may work for you, so use what works and toss away what doesn’t!

I believe the best place to start is to establish what you want from your wedding day. Equally important is to decide what you do not want. Are you planning a religious ceremony or will you retain the services of a non-denominational officiant? Are you thinking ballroom or barn… historic building or mansion? Will your ceremony be indoors or outdoors? Perhaps making a few key decisions, in broad strokes would be best, and then, you can narrow down your choice of vendors to those who are experienced in your style of wedding.

Screen Any Potential Vendor With These Five Characteristics

The five characteristics below present an initial test to determine if the vendors you’ve researched are a good match to consider for your wedding day.

– First Impression – Do you sense that this vendor wants to sell to you or help you? Are they genuinely interested in what you want for your wedding day?

– Professionalism – From their website to their marketing materials, the overall look of the company should tell you a lot about their professionalism.

– Public/Online

May 22

Little Thoughts To Enhance Your Love Life, Relationship And Marriage

I have some thoughts to share with you which may be had never struck your mind. Now that you are in love, you are suffering from that love pain or you are enjoying that bliss you can realize how simple and logic things can make your relationship better. Some little explanations can help you understand many easy matters which you can apply in your life.

People get crazy when they are in love but all the craziness disappears when they are married. They experience troubles in their marriages and therefore their passion fades with time. But its not always the case, you must have the gut to preserve your marriage by seeking appropriate help.

Sometimes love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds, it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing. You people who are in love, married or engaged in a relationship, dont let misunderstandings kill your love life. Refill its sources with proper help. Dont cheat on your partner, apologize for every mistake you do, for every pain you give to the one you love and fix your relationship troubles to save your love life.

In order to have a successful marriage or love life, having the same goals are the keys. If you have the same goals, you will both work together to realize them. Otherwise each one of you will have separate paths.

Compromise is the base for a successful marriage or relationship. If you try to compromise, you will notice having a healthy marriage is not a dream. But this does not mean that only partner must adjust, it must be balanced. Both partners must put in the same effort.

May 20

How To Take Advantage Of Rebound Relationships

Many people in their adult lives have experienced a break up at one point or another. In case you have passed through this and your ex has gotten into a rebound relationship, you do not have to lose hope. There are a number of things that can help you to take advantage of the situation and get your ex back.

What does a rebound relationship mean? This is basically the type of relationship that your ex gets into, not necessarily due to love, but more as a way of trying to forget you. In essence, it is a method that your ex may use to try to avoid the pain associated with a break up.

It is exactly for this reason that you can make use of a rebound relationship to your advantage. It means that your ex has genuine feelings for you, and this is the method of trying to get over the hurt. So, whatever it is that caused your break up, and irrespective of who called off your relationship, you can get your ex back by using a rebound relationship to your advantage.

What you need to understand is that so long as there was true love between you, you can still rescue your relationship. Your ex will concentrate on the problem that caused your break up while in the rebound relationship. This means that your ex will go out with someone whose characteristics are almost opposite to yours.

There are basically two main reasons why this will work to your own advantage. First of all, since your ex is trying to find someone who is different from you, it means that you are still in mind in the first place. The other thing is that this will provide you with the chance

May 20

Effective Communication The Key To Successful Conflict Resolution In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are not immune to the conflicts that occasionally rare up in all forms of human interactions. The first time that a conflict occurs between a couple in a long distance relationship, they are likely to get alarmed wondering whether the conflict could be a signal that their relationship is headed for the rocks. After all, long distance love relationships are delicate, or arent they?

Well, the occurrence of a conflict in a relationship in which the partners are separated by distance doesnt necessarily signal the beginning of the end for that relationship. How well your long distance relationship survives the conflicts that come its way depends to a very great extend on how you handle the conflicts and attempt to resolve them.

There are three keys to successful conflict resolution in long distance relations (as in all relationships indeed), namely communication, communication and communication.

Communication has variously been described as the bridge that bridges the chasm that is human misunderstanding. Now a common thread that runs in all conflicts that affect human interactions is a feeling that one is not being understood, or that ones point of view is being looked down upon. And petty as these feelings sound on paper, they can actually be very painful when it is you who is experiencing them. But whatever the cause of conflict in a long distance relationship, and whatever the emotional feelings underlying it, you (either as the party who has been wronged or as the allegedly at fault party) will have to communicate properly with other party to the long distance relationship, if your conflict is to have an amicable resolution.

Communication as used in conflict resolution basically means making an effort to see things from the other partys point of view, even if you dont

May 20

Rich Culture Is Reflected In The Mexican Wedding Dresses

In a traditional Mexican wedding you will find many different traditions. Traditions of a Mexican wedding are symbolic and are rich in Latin customs.

Because the Mexicans possess a diverse background the wedding dresses will reflect this. You will notice a Spanish influence in Mexican fashion. If a Mexican wedding is also following a specific theme then the bride’s wedding dress will reflect that theme. If, for example the couple were to choose a beach themed wedding, the wedding dress would take on a seamless design that reflects the ocean, sun and sand.

In a Mexican wedding the white dress may not fit into the contemporary wedding style. An excellent choice is the huipil with it’s colorful patterns, decorative stitching and overall elaborate design.

Some couples are more conservative. If this is the case then the wedding dress will reflect this with a floor length gown and long sleeves. Traditionally silk is the material used and can be worn with comfort as well as giving it a sleek appearance.

If the couple is more flamboyant, then a flamenco look is more appropriate. The dress is fitted to the body and a bolero jacket is worn. The groom will wear a matador jacket and skintight trousers.

Another wedding dress worn is the enredo. The skirt is a full wrap around and you are able to mix and match depending on your mood. Of course the colors will always compliment each other.

You will find that Mexican wedding dresses are available just about anywhere, are easy to create, and can be very colorful. There are many ways of life peculiar to the Mexican community with each background having a unique way of planning their wedding day around their particular culture.

One thing that you can count on is a beautiful display of color when you attend

May 19

Relationships – What Causes Caretaking Behaviour

While relationships can be a combination of both giving and receiving, they can also end up being out of balance. It is then no longer an adult to adult relationship; it is something that takes on the characteristics of a parent-child relationship.

This might create the impression that they are therefore functional and healthy; especially if this brought to mind a child that is loved cared for by its parent. However, other than the fact that each person is not on the same level, it has no connection to parent-child relationship.

That is unless the parent-child relationship is dysfunctional and unhealthy. If this is the case, there are going to be many similarities. Ultimately, this relates to relationships where boundaries are nonexistent and each person’s emotional development has been stunted.


What this then leads to are relationships where each person’s growth is sabotaged. One person’s behaviour is stopping another from growing and the other person is stopping another person form growing by putting up with their behaviour. And it is also possible for one to change between the two options. It can all depend on who they are with and how they feel.

So one person places their attention on taking care of another person’s needs and wants and ignores their own. Or one is in a position where they ignore the other person’s needs and wants and focus on their own.

What The Problem?

After looking at these dynamics, one might come to the conclusion that the first one is an example of how one should be and the second one is not. Focusing on others is an example of being selfless and having others focus on us is being selfish.

However, even though this is what is taking place on the surface, it doesn’t match up with what is going on at a deeper level.

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