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Understanding and developing close relationship with your partner

What is relationship?

It is developing close association with someone you like. It is having faith on one you know for a long time. There could be many definitions of this word and each definition would revolve round faith, belief, trust and credibility. But one needs to develop close association with one’s partner and if you are thinking that the association would be developed on its own then you are wrong.

People look for close association but little do they know that they need to put lots of efforts to become closely associated with their partners. Just marrying or becoming friend doesn’t mean that the partners are in close association with each other. Divorce tell the inside store between married couples. Break up between friends show that they no longer respect for each other.

Respecting each others wishes and helping each other in achieving goals is the only way for developing close association with your partner. It is a man dominated society and men want to use women as a sex toy. It is learnt that a boy wants his girl to be ready for sex every time the boy demands. In a man dominated society, it is considered the privilege of a man to say no to sex. Husbands hate listening no for sex from their wives.

How one can develop close relationship with one’s partner?

It is an art to come close to your partner and one has to learn this art if one wants to enjoy one’s sex life to the full. If your wife says no to sex then you need to discover the reasons that discourage her from this entertaining job. Ask her why she is not interested in physical intimacy. Help her speaking the truth. A majority of women say no to sex because

Aug 18

Relationships – Why Do Some People Feel Abandoned When A Relationship Ends

While some people are able to handle break ups reasonably well, there are other people who find them to be extremely difficult. And although it could all depend on how long the relationship has lasted for or on the kind of connection that they had with the other person, these two factors are not always important.

It may have been a relationship that only lasted for a short period of time and there may have been little, if any, connection. It could have been abusive for instance. But even if it hasn’t lasted for very long or it wasn’t working, it doesn’t mean that one can simply move on.

This is something that could happen to anyone and yet, there are some people who are going to have experienced this on numerous occasions. It could even have become a way of life and something they have become accustomed to.


So whenever one experiences the end of a relationship it is going to be extremely painful. Other people could say that it didn’t last for very long or that it wasn’t working and many other things and yet, this is not going to make any difference.

Intellectually one may agree and wonder why they feel as they do. As at an emotional level, one could end up feeling as they have self destructed. One minute one was in a relationship and now they are not, and it could feel like the end of the world no matter what did or didn’t happen when they were together.


And for some people, this pain is going to be the result of feeling abandoned. It then won’t matter how long their relationships last for or how fulfilling they are, as one is going to end up feeling the same.

When a relationship comes to an end, it could feel as

Aug 18

Excellent 25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

In order to have a wonderful celebration of your 25th year wedding anniversary, you can simply follow these excellent ideas: familiarize yourself with the theme, create a celebration plan, and consider some gift suggestions.

A 25 years anniversary is something to celebrate. It’s a great milestone for couples to reach this far, its concrete measurement of undying love and devotion. In order to celebrate this memorable event wonderfully, come consider these ideas.

Familiarize yourself with the theme

Silver symbolizes 25 years so usually the theme of a 25 years anniversary celebration is centered around the hues of silver. The decors, party favors, gifts and attire can be silver themed because of its luster and elegance. Silver is the metal for 25 years of togetherness basing on its radiance and durability. The gemstone for 25 years is the green garnet. Iris is the symbolic flower of a 25 years anniversary, you may want to fill the party place or the church with Irises.

Create a celebration plan

Some suggestions on how to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary can include a picnic trip where you can enjoy each other’s company while communing with nature. You can have a simple celebration also at home with a toast and a lovely dinner. Perhaps, afterwards you will watch a romantic flick together on TV. You can also set up a romantic date inspired with a silver theme from cards, balloons, tablecloth, glitters and other party needs. Be sentimental in your approach and arrange some flowers, candles and some classical music. It’s also best to renew your vows in a church wedding.

Consider some gift suggestions

Some gift suggestions you can purchase for the 25th anniversary celebration would include tickets for a sporting event, concert, musical plays and wrapped in a silver envelope or box. You

Aug 17

What It Means To Wear A Ring On The Middle Finger

What It Really Means

Enter middle finger…

While it’s very uncommon to find people wearing rings on this finger, it is not unlikely. So what does finger three really signify?

Well, generally, wearing a ring on any finger other than the third on your left hand is interpreted simply as being a fashion statement. It obviously depends on the tastes the person wearing the ring you know. Some people prefer to make this “fashion statement” using their pinky finger, while others prefer the middle finger; so it’s really a matter of preference to wear a ring on the tall man and doesn’t necessarily mean anything in most cultures. After all, one could buy a pinky ring but lose some weight later. Thus, leaving the middle finger as the only finger that the ring will fit on properly without being lose and falling off. It could even be some sort of a family or fraternity tradition. Who knows?

It’s definitely best to assume that it is a fashion statement or better still, inquire about its significance to the person wearing the ring because, if our personal experiences are anything to go by, people generally don’t like assumptions to be made about them. Speaking of assumptions, here’s another interpretation of the meaning of wearing a ring on your longest digit that lends itself more to ‘new age’ stuff. Keep an open mind as you dive in!

The Alternative Take On Things

Enter ‘new age’ astrology stuff…

According to astrologers and psychics, every finger (except the thumb) corresponds to a certain astrological body. The middle-finger aligns itself to Saturn (or Apollo if you’re left-handed). Saturn lends itself to the more structured side of life and expresses things such as discipline, justice, determination and responsibility; it is very expressive of Yang energy and thus lends itself to a very heavy energy

Aug 17

How To Salvage A Relationship – Get Your Ex Back In Your Arms Fast

Do you want to salvage a relationship but feel stuck and don’t know what to do next? Are you on the verge of giving up? Take a deep breath and relax. People get back together all the time and you can too. You just need a little guidance so you can turn things around.

Have you noticed that the harder you try to win back your ex, the more distant they become? That’s because it’s natural for a person to resist when they feel pressured. Deep down, your ex may be open to a reunion, but if you’re constantly throwing yourself at them all you’re doing is pushing them away.

The natural reaction when you want to salvage a relationship is to express exactly how you feel and try everything you can to win them back. If your efforts don’t work, you try harder. Trying harder is effective in other areas of your life, but it’s the worst thing you can do in this particular situation.

When you try too hard, you come across as needy and desperate, and these are unattractive qualities to your ex. It’s probably out of character for you to act this way, and your ex sees this and can’t help but pull away from you. Your ex wants to see the real you, the person you were when you two first met, not some clingy ex that won’t leave them alone.

As you can see, trying harder is not the solution. You need to do the opposite, which is leave them alone for a while. Give them time to miss you. If you want to salvage a relationship, you’re going to have to take some time to get back in touch with the real you, the person who is fun, strong and independent.

Aug 14

Save Your Relationship – Talk Less And Communicate More

Everyone knows that communication is important and many are trying their best to communicate with their partners. Communication builds stronger bonds and reduce misunderstandings. It is true that communication can save your relationship. Sadly, people tend to believe and insist that they are always communicating to their partners but are there still quarrels? Let me point out the biggest error everyone will make in the process of communication: People tend to talk rather than communicate.

You need to think and understand the difference between communicating and talking. Communicating to save your relationship requires a speaker, a listener and messages passing between the two. Actually, talk is the medium of communication. It is the fourth part in the process.

So many couples talk endlessly AT one another but rarely actually talk TO one another. Have you ever felt that you have been talking a lot together but you can’t remember anything of consequence that was said? To save your relationship, you need to do some self reflection about the way you talk and change it to quality communication.

What is it that makes a good message? When you learn to share your thoughts, feelings and motivation you turn talk into real communication. Here is an example as a man turns to his special lady and says.

“Can we for once turn the TV off and go to bed for a cuddle”? His lady responds, “You only ever want me when my favorite show is on. You wouldn’t say that if football was on”.

It is definitely not quality communication but merely just talk. The meaning of his message is in the response he gets. Sharing his thoughts, feelings and motivations could sound like this.

“My dear, we watch TV in these rare moments when we have peace together. I feel we

Aug 12

Hiring wedding event organizer in Houston

Wedding is one of the most precious days in everyone’s life. However, this is also one of the days that someone has to make a lot of preparations beforehand. Organizing things systematically aside from considering cost involved, there is also one very essential need to search a right wedding event organizer.

Hiring a wedding event organizer in Houston is indeed a chore that is time consuming. If you happen to be a novice in this, you may need more time to finally come up with a good option.

Why should you hire a wedding event organizer? No tension about attending guests.

During your wedding ceremony, you definitely expect arrival of the invited guests. At the same time, you would expect good treatment of your guests in terms of foods, wine and other means of hospitality. Means, you would expect that your guest are well attended and given good care of.

What if none of these happen?

For sure, that would an embarrassment. But it will happen only when you do this all alone. Means, arrangement of wedding party all alone by spending your money on it may have something wrong on the planning.

However, you won’t encounter these situations if you hire an event organizer.

For sure, reputed and well trusted wedding event organizer has a wide variety of options to avail of. Aside from providing you some of the best party halls in Houston, it can ensure provision of one of the best Houston Wedding Reception Venues to your wedding needs.

As per attending your guests, you won’t have to experience tension of any sort for that. As a matter of fact, a wedding event organizer takes good care of your need with regards to guests. They have a team

Aug 11

Learn How To Surprise Your Long Distance Relationship Partner

Presenting your loved one with a pleasant, unexpected surprise is a wonderful way to express your devotion as well as to show your playful side. By giving yourself permission to indulge in surprises, you show your partner how much you appreciate him/her. People generally take great pleasure in receiving something totally out of the blue.

You will undoubtedly become very wrapped up in devising the surprise and experience a lot of enjoyment in the process. All the work you put forth becomes worth it when you see the expression on his/her face as they receive the surprise, or perhaps in the phone call you get thanking you for the gift.

Because a surprise is so unexpected, your partner cannot help but to greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring. Be careful to not overdo the gifts, as they will stop having quite as much meaning.

You may need to spend some time thinking about what may qualify as a surprise. The following are some helpful suggestions:

plan a surprise trip to see your partner when you know he/she will be home watching TV or having dinner

write a personal message in the classified section of their local paper

mail a video tape of you going about some of your daily activities

send a special card with a warm message inside

arrange delivery of flowers, cookies, or other treats along with a letter

give your partner a set amount of presents to be opened weekly until you see each other again

place a small surprise in his/her bag such as a flash drive depicting pictures, a letter, or a video, or burn a DVD

treat your partner to a day at the spa

send your partner tickets to a sporting event or concert

subscribe your partner to a gift of the month club wine, coffee, flowers, restaurants, books, music

Surprising your

Aug 11

The Advantages Of An Indoor Wedding And Reception

So many brides dream of a beautiful garden or backyard wedding in the midsummer. This of course, is a wonderful option. However, there are several advantages to hosting an indoor event. Apart from possibly being more cost effective, there are a myriad of ways to make an indoor location look just as stunning as an outdoor location for your special day!

The first advantage to hosting an indoor event is the year round aspect. By choosing an indoor location, weather no longer becomes an issue! If you live in a place where inclement weather often abounds such as Spokane, Vancouver or Denver, an indoor event center may be the thing you need to make sure nothing goes wrong on your wedding day! There are plenty of beautiful options ranging from historic buildings, luxurious hotel ballrooms or indoor greenhouses that supply the beauty of nature without the worries about weather.

A secondary but equally important advantage to the year round aspect of an indoor location is the value to be had if you hold a wedding in the “off season”. Not many people think a wedding can be beautiful in the winter time but with a gorgeous indoor venue and some seasonal decor and your event will not only be lovely but also unique!

Hosting a wedding when not very many other people are will also mean plenty of discount potential. Wedding planning is often a seasonal occupation and so wedding planners, caterers and other vendors will be more willing to give you a great deal if you are the only customer they have seen in a month or so. Take advantage of this fact and see what great deals come to you!

Lighting is a wonderful asset to a fabulous event. And indoor location enables you to have the

Aug 09

Steps to Prepare Yourself for Relationship selling

Relationship selling is the best strategy for prospecting or trying to get to higher level decision makers. However, most sellers use cold calling and suffer the rejection and the futility of this approach. They cold call because they hate to ask people they know relationships for help. Cold calling is not only a waste of time, the rejection demotivates sales people and they get nowhere slowly. Worse yet, this constant rejection eventually causes them to totally avoid prospecting for new opportunities and clients. Sales slumps result that make them feel more terrible than before. They become desperate and begin cold calling again. They get the same negative results and the downward rejection cycle continues. Relationship selling is the solution to prospecting and getting to the influential decision makers. And here are 6 steps to prepare you for effective relationship selling without rejection.

1.Identify and write down your target accounts on separate sheets of paper or separate Excel files. You can not do this in your head.

2.Now, ask yourself, Who do I want to get to and follow up with Who do I know that knows, for example, an IT person at ABC Company? Keep asking yourself, and sooner than later an answer will come. But if you don’t consciously and overtly ask yourself, the ideas won’t come to you guaranteed. Once these names come to you, write them down immediately.

3.Ask others for help! Get over you’re inhibitions. Look to people in your company, to people in the target account, to other complimentary vendors you know. Call a sales person in the target account and say, Can you help me?

4.Be specific about the person you want to meet, when asking for help. I.e. Do you know an

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